Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Stained Glass Step By Step - An Easy to Follow Outline on How to Stained Glass Step By

How to stained glass step by step is one of the biggest questions we receive through our stained glass making website.

So, we thought we would outline the major steps it takes to go from idea to first stained glass piece.

We have gotten rave reviews from our readers regarding the steps and have been able to help beginners learn how to make stained glass step by step. You can't run without first walking so, let us do that here.

Stained Glass Step by Step – These steps can vary per project, but this provides a nice outline.

Step 1: Getting started with lead or copper foil (hint: go with copper foil). Then you must select your color and design which is a lot of fun. Use your creativity.

Step 2: Get your glass and supplies/tools. There are many places to buy the items you'll need. Some are cheap and some not so cheap. Some tools you won't even use so research before you decide. Then set up your workspace. It doesn't have to be big, but does have to provide room for a small mess.

Step 3: Get good with your glasscutter. This will be one of your most utilized tools when creating stained glass. Learn the techniques it will take to get your first piece looking beautiful.

Step 4: To Grind or Not to Grind? Things to consider include safety issues, choosing the right head, using water, following the right procedures, and so forth. These are all important issues when grinding.

Step 5: Working with the copper foil. This also takes some practice but because of today's ease of use, you can catch on pretty quickly.

Step 6: Soldering. There is basic soldering, spot soldering, finishing, tinning, and more soldering applications that you will want to learn on how to make stained glass step by step. Again practice with the tools as there are some that you will use quite a bit.

Step 7: Finally you have to clean and apply the finish. Do this as soon as you're done soldering for a clean and professional look.

There you go. Nothing to it right? Well, this is a start but it is important that you continue to educate yourself on how to make gorgeous stained glass art.

This is a very simple outline on how to make stained glass step by step. There are a lot of intricacies that have been left out (due to the sheer amount of info) and it is easier to follow these steps with visual pictures, video, etc. so consider that when trying to learn this art form.

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