Monday, June 25, 2007

Staying Away From Fraud Coin Dealers

As most rare coin collectors are well aware, it is nearly impossible to decipher fraudulent dealers from genuine ones. That is because the frauds aren't going to do anything to announce themselves as such; chances are, they will have an office that is top class luxury, with all sorts of investment counselors or investors on staff to guide you through the process of eventually laying down a bunch of money for some bunk coins.

They might bombard you with a bunch of slick, impressive-looking brochures about the right investment strategies to make (i.e. with them, of course.) They might tell you that they are the largest dealer of rare coins in -INSERT THE NAME OF YOUR TOWN HERE, OR YOUR STATE, OR EVEN YOUR COUNTRY-

In fact, the frauds use nearly the very same techniques and strategies that genuine rare coin dealers employ. So how do you tell them apart?

The best way is to keep up-to-date on the latest scams the frauds are pulling. One recent trend has been the rise of telemarketing fraud. If you weren't expecting any offers, then why would you accept one made by a random stranger?

A lot of frauds have been utilizing multi-level marketing systems in recent years. These are basically pyramid schemes that sell rare coins and bullion.

If you happen to fall victim to a fraudulent coin seller and the seller refuses to resolve the problem in your favor, then there are a number of places you can go to for help. A lot of dealers will take care of disputes through binding arbitration by an independent third party. The Federal Trade Commission or other consumer protection groups will likely be very interested in getting the details of your complaint as a means of building a case against a dealer they detect to be a fraud. If a dealer is a member of a particular coin organization, go directly to that organization and ask for help – it is in the organization's best interest to come to your aid!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Unique Gifts - Express Your Emotion Through Gifts!

Giving a gift is not buying a thing from a retail shop and giving it to someone. It is an art of expressing your emotions in a mild manner. Both the gift giver and receiver get happiness by this. The gifts reflect your care and love towards the recipient. It is not necessary that you give or receive gifts only on special occasions. Selecting the gift is also important. The likes of the receiver has to be taken into consideration. There are a range of gift types, of them custom gifts are special.

What is special in custom gifts?

There are distinct kinds of gifts in which custom gifts are considered as a unique one. It needs some unique input before it is packed. Retail gifts are made by someone for someone. But you can customize this gift to enhance the value. You can easily flatter your loved ones by giving custom gifts to them. Everyone feels happy while a gift is specially made for them especially with their names or photographs. These custom gifts reflect the additional efforts taken to impress the receiver.

About the cost of custom gifts

Custom gifts are not much expensive. It is possible to buy these gifts just like other retail gifts. You can give custom gifts to anyone. It become very worth when you give it to your intimate friends, most liked colleague or close family friends. You can even flatter your better half with these custom gifts. You can use nick names instead of real names. It will be funny as well as interesting. Suppose you want to give to more professional relationships, you can use any messages or simply use the initials.

Some of the custom gifts are:

  • Pens, key chains and baseball caps
  • You may give a pen or key chains with the initials. It is possible to customize the baseball with messages or names.

  • T-shirts
  • You may buy a T-shirt with a message you want to convey.

  • Roses
  • You can present beautiful bundle of roses with a cute touching message. Flowers especially roses have the power to express more than words.

  • Poetry
  • You can give of poetry, written by yourself. But the recipient must have some taste on it. It is a perfect gift for your spouse's birthdays or wedding anniversaries.

    Some Custom Gifts for Kids

    • Sports bags
    • Embossed bible covers
    • Sports balls
    • Labels
    • Stickers
    • Stationery
    In short, Custom gifts let you to express your feeling in a much better way.

    Wednesday, June 13, 2007

    Crafting Is Good For The Heart And Soul

    If you are finding yourself stuck in a "mental rut" right now, and feel like everyday runs into the next.. then why not try a craft project?

    Crafting, whether its a very simple creation or a large project, it gets the creative juices flowing, new ideas start to form, you start thinking of different ways to approach a craft or how to make it better!

    You will find yourself using parts of your brain, that have been asleep! You will become inspired to try something else, and you will feel energized!

    If you are very stressed, and just can't think of anything to create, then get a craft kit, something simple that you would think you would enjoy, something that will take your mind off of everyday things and is not too difficult. Once you have completed the kit, you should and will feel proud of your accomplishment. Take stock of what you just created, did you like it? or would you like to try something else? There is a ton of craft ideas out there and supplies on the market like never before, but start off with something very simple.

    This is how I started out, I was seriously ill about 15 years ago, and while recovering, I needed to take my mind off of the daily needs of my illness, and started painting with paint by numbers! something I knew would turn out right, but I felt good when it was done, and started freehand painting, and have loved it ever since. I also love sewing, and have made many recycled denim pillows, quilts and more.. have fun, start a craft that will fill your heart and soul with gladness! This will spill over into your everyday life, and you will look at things differently!

    Monday, June 11, 2007

    Your Coin Collecting Care

    Coin collecting may not be a passive hobby as some might think. The hobby requires delicate attention to detail and proper handling of valuable coins. So how does one handle and maintain a coin collection properly?

    Touching Coins

    Handing coins can have an effect on the coin's condition. It's important to consider carefully how you touch your coins. The fingers contain bodily oils and grit that might affect the coin's color or cause scratches on the coin's face. In fact, excessive touching may cause it to discolor. To be sure that you handle coins properly, wear latex gloves. Another safe practice would be to handle the coin on the edges since you won't affect the front and back parts of the coin.

    Breaking the holder or container would not be a good practice for coin collecting. By doing so, you'll decrease the value of the coin from a mint-issue package. If a minted coin has a holder, then the container is part of the set - meaning it's intended to be intact. Breaking it would make it less valuable.

    Constant coin handling will ultimately diminish the value as well. If you have to touch the coin, it's best to wash your hand thoroughly. In addition, make sure that you don't put the coin on a hard surface. Placing the coin on such a surface could cause scratches on the item's surface.

    Temperature and Humidity

    Coins for collecting should be placed in an area that is as close to room temperature. Coins in a damp or cold basement or in a hot attic will cause coins to oxidize and ultimately age. Rooms that are dry should be what you should seek to store coins. Moreover, storing the coins in the basement or attic will expose the collectibles to an environment that will break down the storage containers.

    Coin storage

    Storage is also a very important part of coin collecting maintenance. Find containers or plastic pockets that protect the coin from the elements. Some you can find available in sheets at a hobby or coin collector shop.

    Cleaning Coins

    You should seriously weigh the benefits and disadvantages of cleaning coins. Sometimes cleaning or polishing a coin is not the right thing to do, especially if the coin is in a packaged container. If the coin becomes exposed to air, the metal may oxidize or lose it's toning.

    Do not use metal cleaners to clean the collectibles. Doing so will also have damaging consequences such as discoloring.

    However, if washing is a must, make sure you wash your hands with soap to remove oil or grit. You can then apply a soapy bath for the coins in a small container. Look for a plastic container since hard surface containers like glass might affect the coin properties. Gently rub the sides of the coins once it's in the bath. When you complete cleaning, dry the coin with a soft towel.

    Coin collecting is a hobby that one should be careful in maintaining the assets. Not applying careful coin handling techniques could seriously affect the value of the coins. There are plenty of resources to help you get started with coin handling and care.

    Thursday, June 7, 2007

    Your Guide To Long Arm Quilting Machines

    Long arm quilting machines are definitely rising in popularity at the moment and this trend looks set to continue well into a future. They can actually save you time when you are quilting thus allowing you to complete more quilts in a shorter period of time. There is a variety of long arm quilting machines available to choose from today and a whole list of features that seem to be interchangeable between models. The list of features actually determines price so you have to come up with a budget and decide what you actually want from long arm quilting machines. However, once you have decided on budget and need, you will have to do comprehensive research in order to find the perfect one for you.

    Completing Your Research

    There are a variety of sources out there that you can investigate the possibility of finding one of the perfect long arm quilting machines out there for you. The first place you should look is the American Professional Quilting Systems (APQS) range. They actually stock six different long arm quilting machines, although they are rather pricey at anywhere between $10000 and $18000 each. However, they also stock a range of extras that you can choose to add to your order to make the task of quilting easier. For example, you can actually include a computer system or software service with your long arm quilting machine to ensure that you actually get the best possible use out of it. As a result, it will probably answer any queries you have for you so that you will not be left with a redundant piece of equipment that you are stuck with forever!

    Another company you can check out is Nolting Long Arm Quilting Machines. They are extremely highly thought of in the industry, to the point where they are actually considered to be the best. You do not have to trawl around stores for them either because you can buy Nolting Long Arm Quilting Machines directly from their website so that you have a ready source of support and can go straight to the source with ease should anything go wrong. There are also plenty of dealers that stock them so if you need a demonstration then you are best to go looking for one of them. Of course, the website can put you in contact with one in your local area. You can also book onto classes to learn how to use it effectively.

    Long arm quilting machines have added a new dimension to the world of quilting and can actually enhance the prospects of you turning your hobby into a viable business venture. There are other companies offering long arm quilting machines out there but my advice is to stick to the best. They represent a sizable investment so you are best to buy from the best Both of these companies offer your ongoing support and training should you need it, and there is also plenty of information to research on them before you go shopping for one. The maxim is to decide what you want and then go out and get it!