Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Crafting Is Good For The Heart And Soul

If you are finding yourself stuck in a "mental rut" right now, and feel like everyday runs into the next.. then why not try a craft project?

Crafting, whether its a very simple creation or a large project, it gets the creative juices flowing, new ideas start to form, you start thinking of different ways to approach a craft or how to make it better!

You will find yourself using parts of your brain, that have been asleep! You will become inspired to try something else, and you will feel energized!

If you are very stressed, and just can't think of anything to create, then get a craft kit, something simple that you would think you would enjoy, something that will take your mind off of everyday things and is not too difficult. Once you have completed the kit, you should and will feel proud of your accomplishment. Take stock of what you just created, did you like it? or would you like to try something else? There is a ton of craft ideas out there and supplies on the market like never before, but start off with something very simple.

This is how I started out, I was seriously ill about 15 years ago, and while recovering, I needed to take my mind off of the daily needs of my illness, and started painting with paint by numbers! something I knew would turn out right, but I felt good when it was done, and started freehand painting, and have loved it ever since. I also love sewing, and have made many recycled denim pillows, quilts and more.. have fun, start a craft that will fill your heart and soul with gladness! This will spill over into your everyday life, and you will look at things differently!

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