Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pricing Your Handmade Jewelry

Did you have got a job "Pricing your Handmade Jewelry"? I had this job on my first attempt. My first few pieces were sold at a 20% to 30% price reduction off the tags. Gross Sales was good because the pieces were alone and the terms so affordable. Rings and single-strand bracelets were sold at an introductory offering below US$10.

However, I could not prolong long because that sort of terms gave an inexplicit branding of my product. Some existent life experiences really give you a knocking on the head. One day, this cat came along for something particular for his girlfriend. He was attracted by a handmade Swarovski crystal ring. He was surprised that it was not costly at all. Aha, but! He faltered. Because he wanted a more than than expensive point to label "Sincerity and Love" for his particular girlfriend!

Thru trial and mistake many of us developed a more professional and successful attack to merchandising our handicrafts. Something we can larn from the experience of other Jewelry Artists. Rena Klingenberg had written this e-book "Ultimate Usher to Your Profitable Jewelry Booth". It is a step-by-step information resource to convey your place concern 1 measure further, out to Shows, Fairs and Festivals. My attending travels to the followers sections.

Section 2 : Money Matters

* Pricing Your Jewelry to Sell Profitably

* Managing Your Minutes at Shows

* Prevent Shoplifting at Your Booth

Section 6 : Design Your Successful Jewelry Display

Section 7 : The Secrets of Selling More Jewelry

Follow her tips and suggestions and also happen out what are the "3 Bonuses" she is giving away. I read a few reappraisals about her e-Book and this is one reappraisal as quoted, " This is one of the most complete and comprehensive ushers for jewellery sellers I have got ever read......... This book offerings tips and fast ones in item that even the most seasoned seller could use." Cindy Cherrington, CCCreations.

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