Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Finish Sanding Cabinet Doors

As a cabinet door is manufactured a particular steep come ups in before stain and sealant is applied this measure is called finishing sanding.

This steep is so of import because the stain colour and the sealant sanding are determined this steep but what is done in this step? Let me explain, how this all volition work out.

If finishing sanding is not done in a uniform manor house the stain colour will go lighter in some musca volitans and darker in other spots, allow phone call it a blotchy stain colour on the door. It is the direct consequence of uneven sanding on the door, by sanding the door by manus and sanding more than in some countries that in others.

So what is the solution you ask, well if manus sanding cannot make a uniform sanding on a 5 piece kitchen cabinet door, we have got to look at machines to make it.

In the past 4 old age many new companies have come up on the sceen merchandising machines that volition make a brushwood sanding for the concluding sanding before stain and sealant is applied. When selecting a machine for sanding your 3 dimensional 5 piece doors retrieve a few things.

First as your work piece is 3 dimensional make not acquire a machine that lone littoral in 2 dimensions like a machine with consecutive brushwoods across the belt. It will make a good occupation for you in one way but will not make anything for you in the other direction. So expression at machines with rotating spindles and turning carrousel this volition give you all the dimensions of your 5 piece door and it will sand all of it the same. These machine rotates in a circle to acquire all the angles of the door.

The 2nd thing you desire to retrieve is that finishing sanding is normally done with a gritrock 220 or gritrock 180. Sealant sanding is done in gritrock 320, so do certain that the machine you choose can change gritrock very fast as you desire to be able to utilize the machine for both finishing sanding and sealant sanding.

Some machine can change rotation of their spindles and sand with a different gritrock this agency you can change from one thing to the other in a substance of seconds.

So now your door have got come up though the Automatic Rifle finishing drum drum sander and is ready for stain and sealer, the door should have the followers things done to it by the finishing sander. Broken all the crisp borders around the borders of the door and removed fibres from the surface of the door and from the profile.

This volition make the sanding of the door even and the door will come up out with even stain colour and a good sealant coat on the border of the door.

Sealer sanding with an automatic finishing sanding machine is easy as long as the border is broken in the achromatic wood when the door was coating sanded, if the border is not sanded in the achromatic wood, sealant sanding is almost impossible as achromatic lining of the borders are very easy to do if the borders are not broken in the achromatic wood.

So finishing sanding anterior to staining and sealing is so very of import and if not done right you concluding merchandise will endure from uneven colour in the stain and uneven finished quality as the fibres in the wood will raise up if not removed before in the coating sanding.

Good fortune with the coating sanding on cabinet doors I trust what you have got read here will assist you.

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