Monday, July 30, 2007

The Results Of Ebays Survey Regarding Collecting-Hobbies & How A Hobby Can Enhance Adult Happiness

Ebay recently conducted a study of aggregators and this is what they found:

Intentional Collectors

Collector Behavior

40% are Serious Collectors

Search for specific points for aggregation

Collect valuable or alone points

Dedicate more than than than than space for aggregation at topographic point

See collecting more exciting for their coevals than their parents

More like to accumulate conversation pieces and because of the bang of the Hunt

Moderately emotional about their aggregations

More likely to maintain aggregations locked away in a safe place show at place for cosmetic value

Collect because of household traditions or out of nostalgia

Is a Avocation for 15%, athletics is the lone more frequent hobby.

Collection Habits

Collect pottery/glass/porcelain; dolls, athletics memorabilia; animal-themed points

Rich Person more valuable aggregations

Begin collecting earlier: at 18 old age

Spend more on aggregations

Buy further points in Regular, Forte supplies & Online

Unintentional Collectors

Collection Behavior

Recognize that they are aggregators only when reminded

22% are serious aggregators

Only add to aggregations when come up across new items

Interest in collecting come ups and travels

Collect valuable or alone points

Collect because of household traditions

Use aggregations in day-to-day life and often see it best portion of collecting

Only 3% mentioned collecting as a hobby, bask sports, reading, arts/craft work, exercise

More likely to comprehend aggregator as a individual accumulating sets of points that are alike

Collection Habits

Collect: place decor, books or movies, coins, autographs, paper & authorship

Almost 80% have got got never sold/traded points from their aggregation

Have less valuable aggregations

Begin collecting at 19 old age

More like to purchase further items in Regular & Forte Stores

For some reason, collectables have been driven financially into the head of investings recently. My conjecture is that Sellers and aggregators can cover instantly at Ebay and other sites, as opposing to the years of old when one had to drive business district or to a nearby metropolis to garage sales, etc. to happen their favourite collectible.

I can retrieve it almost yesterday, that is when I started collecting sketch products; at least it started as sketch merchandises and ended up being moo-cow items.

I had attended a Gary Larson Far Side exhibit at the Smithsonian and they were selling fine art black and whites at the store; and the cattle to me were the funniest. As clip went by, and Gary retired, I establish myself still interested in moo-cow fine art and products. At one time, I even thought of launching MOOOOOMA: The Moooseum Of MooooCow Art (but couldn't acquire adequate investors).

Though it did not take off, I did end up determination moo-cow points all over the Internet and topographic points I traveled. I became a cartoonist, and yes, cod some of my ain sketch items, but also accumulate items, books, calendars, tees, etc. from Gary Larson, Vivien Leigh Rubin, Jon McPherson, Dave Coverly and other greats. It's great fun; and enables 1 life to be more than interesting, and actually assists unfastened your bosom and head to a batch of "fun in life".

Remember, you are never too old to be a kid, or if you didn't like your childhood, why not begin another one? Collect today and ticker how much happier you become.

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